Mars 85

Equipped with 75 hp engine, the Mars 85 range was developed to be competitive in the market of high-range isodiametric tractors thanks to an essential set-up but with wide choice of optionals to configure the tractor based on the specific needs.

The Mars 85 range is available in 2 versions:

  • AR – Chassis with central articulation, narrow wheel track and contained turning radii.
  • RS – Chassis with steering wheels, stability and adherence for use also in sloping areas.  

  • TRANSMISSION: 16 + 16.
  • POWER: 75 hp.
  • DRIVING POSITION: monodirectional or reversible.

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Model Power KW/HP Nominal speed (rpm) No. of cylinders Displacement (cm3) Aspiration Maximum torque (Nm/rpm)
Kohler KDI 2504 TCR 55.4 / 75.3 2300 4 2482 Turbo / Intercooler 300 / 1500


The 85 range is equipped with a 75 hp 4-cylinder Turbo Intercooler engine with particulate filter, that BCS Group worked on in collaboration with Kohler for an advanced regeneration strategy guaranteeing maximum performance and reducing machine downtime to a minimum.

The rpm is electronically controlled quickly and precisely through a console positioned to the right of the steering wheel, with these functions:
  • increase and decrease engine speed,
  • memorize and recall the set speed,
  • switch off and switch to minimum speed.


+ Kohler engine 75 hp 4-cylinder Turbo Intercooler.
+ Fuel tank
capacity increased to 58-litre.
+ Reversible driving position
(opt.) for maximum versatility, comfort and precision in the work.
+ New instrument cluster
with colour display and renewed graphics.    
+ Excellent weight distribution on the four wheels
and axles with planetary reduction units.
+ Ball joint lifting capacity
of 2300 kg.
+ LED work lights
(opt.) and compact design thanks to the 8 cm lower bonnet offering greater visibility.

+ Wide range of optionals: height adjustable steering wheel, rear work light, Self Cleaning System™, hydraulically controlled upper link and tie rod link arm, lift with draft and position control, HDR hydraulic suspension, hydraulic circuit with increased flow rate for lift and control valves, front lift, tyres with various profiles.


Available as an option, the reversible driving position makes it possible to work professionally with the implement positioned in front.

Just in a few seconds the operator can rotate the driving platform by 180° (seat, steering wheel and dashboard), to work with extreme precision, quickly, comfortably and safely.


The driving position is set-up to-measure for the driver with all controls set up ergonomically and easy to use.

From the driver’s seat there is a full unobstructed view of the implement as well as the machine: the visibility of the front side, the wheel track and the surrounding environment has been optimised by the compactness of the new engine bonnet, which is 8 cm lower than the previous model.

Comfort seat with adjustable suspension according to the operator's weight, height-adjustable steering wheel (opt.) to configure the driving position for the maximum operational comfort.

Hydrostatic steering guarantees maximum manoeuvrability and contained turning radii to work better even in tight spaces.

A modern dashboard integrates the analogue instruments with a colour digital display, for total control of the tractor’s status.