SB28 PowerSafe®

Reversible and multifunctional two-wheel tractor with PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch | power up to 8.4 hp | tilling width up to 66 cm.

The versatility of Pasquali two-wheel tractors PowerSafe® allows to fulfil all requirements pertaining to soil working, gardens' care, greens maintenance, inter-row mowing in vineyards and orchards or in uncultivated areas and during winter use, all year round.

Thanks to their handling and ease of use, the Pasquali two-wheel tractors PowerSafe® are well performing any type of use and can be used by a vast range of users: from hobby to professional farmers, and from individuals to the greenery caretaker. 

The PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch, patented and exclusive to the BCS Group, also guarantees maximum reliability, comfort and total safety for the operator.

- Gearbox: 3 forward + 3 reverse speeds
- Quick reverser to change the forwarding direction
- PowerSafe® clutch: with multiple discs in oil bath
- Independent power take-off: with engagement in oil bath
- Parking brake
- Handlebar: mounted on silent-blocks, adjustable in height and sideways and reversible
- Safety devices: complying with the applicable regulations

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Engine Fuel Starter Power KW/HP
Honda GP160 V Gasoline Recoil 3,6 / 4,8
Honda GX200 V Gasoline Recoil 4,1 / 5,5
Honda GX270 V Gasoline Recoil 6,3 / 8,6
Kohler KD350 V Diesel Recoil 5,5 / 7,5

Dimensions and Weights

sample powersafe Width min / max (without attachment):

  • with wheels 4.00-8:  435 mm
  • with wheels 4.0-10:  466 / 538 mm
  • with wheels 6.5/80-12 and wheel spacers:  680 / 777 mm
  • with steel cage wheels Ø cm 43:  435 mm

Weight (without attachment):

  • with GP160 engine, wheels 4.00-8:  76 kg
  • with GX200 engine, wheels 4.00-8:  76 kg
  • with GX270 engine, wheels 4.0-10:  94 kg
  • with KD350 engine, wheels 4.0-10:  106 kg


sample powersafe
Graph of the speeds in km/h (forward and reverse gears) with 4.0-10 tyres.

- Two-wheel tractor version (with rear attachments)
- Motor mower version (with front attachments)


sample powersafe The PowerSafe® clutch with multiple steel discs in oil bath and directly flanged to the engine, patented and exclusive to the BCS Group, guarantees a number of benefits for the operator, in addition to make two-wheel tractors conforming to the safety regulations EN 709/A4.

  • Immediate machine and attachment shutdown if the handlebar is released. However, the engine continues to run.
  • Dual desmodromic system to prevent work from being resumed accidentally.
  • Maintenance-free hydraulic clutch.
  • Practically unlimited duration even if stressed with alternating movement attachments or with high inertia.
  • No overheating even if stressed for a long time.
  • No drop in performance at any operating temperature.
  • Gentle and progressive engagement of the clutch lever, as well as minimal force required to keep the safety lever pressed.
  • Elimination of preliminary action for engine start-up.
  • Extended to 5 years on the entire PowerSafe® clutch unit.